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1. Pinterest

Price: Free business account; Promoted Pins offered as a premium service

2. Juxtapost

Price: Free

3. ContentGems

Price: Free

4. Feedly

Price: Free

5. Flipboard

Price: Free

6. Storify

Price: Free basic plan; VIP plan includes upgrades like real-time updates, custom display, and other features

7. Bundlr

Price: Free basic account; premium plan $19.99/year

8. iFlow

Price: Free

9. Newsle

Price: Free

10. Kuratur

Price: Free (currently in beta, as of mid-2014)

11. Zemanta

Price: Free; Paid content available to marketers and advertisers

12. PearlTrees

Price: Free basic plan; premium membership ($1.99-$9.99 per month) adds additional storage space and features

13. Zite

Price: Free

14. BundlePost

Price: Free 30-day trial; full versions start at $19.99 a month

15. Triberr

Price: Free; premium membership (larger tribes and special features) is $10/month

16. Spundge

Price: Free


Price: Free

18. Thinglink

Price: Free business plan; premium plans from $250 per 50,000 views


Price: Free basic account; pro accounts from $12.99/month

20. Listly

Price: Free basic account; premium from $9.99/month

21. Waywire

Price: Free basic account; enterprise pricing by request

22. Post Planner

Price: Free trial; plans from $19-$79 per month

23. Trapit

Price: Free demo; publisher accounts pricing upon request

24. Curata

Price: Free trial; paid version from $349-$999+ monthly

25. Kapost

Price: Free demo; accounts from $1,000-$3,000+ per month

26. Echo



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